What is BEST?

BEST – Board Of European Students Of Technology is a student organization operating at the technical universities in Europe. We are located in 33 countries at 94 universities. We are trying to create a new engineer model. BEST helps students gain information on mental diversity, gain understanding for different cultures, and the skills needed to work with multicultural skills. It also creates opportunities for independent development and support in achieving the possibilities of your abilities.


BEST Courses

Summer BEST Course is a 10-day event for students of technical universities.


EBEC is an annual engineering competition organised by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). EBEC spreads in 32 countries with the mission to develop students by offering them the opportunity to challenge themselves in solving a theoretical or a practical problem.

BIT Festival

BEST IT Festival is a public event, being a diverse IT festival that combines professionalism and student spirit.

Open Career Days

Open Career Days are inter-faculty student career days. It enables direct contact with potential employers

XXVI Board of BEST Gliwice:

Agnieszka Ukuś


Paulina Kowalska


Adam Michałowy


Konrad Ponikwia

Vice President for Corporate Relations

Monika Cupiał

Vice President for Public Relations

Jakub Krężel

Vice President for Human Resources

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