Summer Course...

Our flagship project is the Summer Science Course. This event has a huge tradition in our organization, dating back to 1991, cooperative solutions to our services, the goal of providing complementary education to university students all over Europe.


The course is a 10-day event for students of technical universities with one of BEST's local groups to apply. 

...come wisit us!

From the application pool, 22 participants are selected who will study on selected engineering or lines with soft skills. All knowledge is provided by company experts or academic teachers. After completing the participant's course, studies certifying the acquired skills.


This project is not only about learning, but also getting to know new cultures. Students of the course during the language course, getting to know Polish culture and traditions through sightseeing and cultural evenings organized by us. Each day is full of impressions and discovering new things,
leaving new experiences and new skills from all over Europe.

How to apply?


Remember that you can only have one account.
2. Sign in!
3. Click on "my profile".

Zarejestruj się tutaj!


1. Click on "Activities"

2. Choose course and click on "Apply now"!

3. Write a cover letter for each course.

Sample cover letters:



1. You need to get our confirmation.

All you need to do is send us a message along with a double-sided scan / photo of the ID card to confirm the student's status to the following address: and we will confirm your application.

2. You can edit your data and the application letter until the given date.

3. Wait patiently for the announcement of the participants' lists.


1. I got in!

If you are accepted into one of the selected courses, please contact us as soon as possible and confirm your participation.

2. Visit us!

If you decide, you will have to visit our office:

ul. Pszczyńska 85 (room 13)

44-100 Gliwice

Take a valid student ID and a deposit of 50 euros with you, which we will refund you on your return.

3. The organizers will also contact you soon.

4. After returning:

Log in to your account again and fill in the questionnaire summarizing your course ('evaluation') - you will be able to recover your deposit.

I didn’t get in 😥

Nothing is lost! Think about how you can improve your application even more and apply again next season!