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Open Career Days

A student job fair that brings students and employers closer together, by allowing them to come to a direct contact with each other. The main goal of the event is to provide the student community with knowledge concerning the job market requirements and company recruitment processes.


During the event we enable the student community to consult their CVs with a professional career counselor as well as take part in trial job interviews.

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BEST Courses

(Summer course in summer)

Events targeted at students of technical universities from all over Europe. Classes are conducted by university lecturers and/or company experts and their topic is related to engineering, soft skills or career development. Participating in the course also grants the students an opportunity to take their first steps towards an international career.

Courses fulfill one of the most fundamental goals of BEST by providing complementary education to European students of technical universities.

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BEST Information Technology Festival

(BIT Festival)

An event targeted to students interested and/or knowledgeable in the IT sector. The key part of the event is a Hackathon - a 24-hour long programming competition. Some of the project's editions additionally contain e-sport game contests, IT job fairs or conferences.


The aim of the project is to enhance students' knowledge on topics related with the IT industry and develop their logical thinking and teamwork skills.

logo archithon poziom czarne

BEST Archithon

Project made as part of the 'Youth Activation in Local Government in the Silesian and Lesser Poland Voivodeships' initiative. Its aim is to broaden the architectural and engineering knowledge of students from the Faculty of Architecture. The main part of Archithon is a 24-hour competition based on design sessions, where participants work on their own ideas and solutions.

BEST Archithon is an excellent opportunity for students seeking new design challenges and experiences.